When they talk about having a sista from another mista they were describing this magnificent soul!

We met online through a networking group that we are both no longer with. I now know she is the reason I joined the group for the few months that I did.

We had never met in person and both happen to be visiting NJ this week and both took the time to make the in person meeting happen.

Both on similar journeys with so many aligned synchronicities. There are no mistakes in life.

All the money invested in groups, programs, retreats, etc has gifted me with deep relationships like this… and that is priceless.

Whenever you are having a low moment around the money you have “spent” on your journey, take a moment and take inventory of the relationships that you have been gifted with.

We tend to forgot to grateful for everything outside of the monetary money creation that is created from becoming the best version of self.

This journey is for so much more than money creation.

That’s the byproduct of who we are BEing and BEcoming.

If I died today I can honestly say that I am fullfilled in life, happy, and loved beyond measure by self, God, and the people in my life.

If you can’t say that we need to talk.

It’s time to change that now.

Thank you Bisi MacGregor for adding to my life’s fulfillment!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor

PS: PM me if you want have a conversation and make that desired shift towards a life that fullfills you now. . . Now later!