Where am I?

Where am I walking out to today?

What will I see?

Colorado? Kansas? Missouri?

An intersting part of full time RV living on the move is each morning that you wake up you forget where you are and what view you are walking out to today. 🤦‍♀️🤣🤷‍♀️

My brain will literally picture the place I woke up to the day before and completely not realize until I walk outside and experience the morning in the new place that we just drove 10 hours and parked it somewhere else last night!

This shows how powerful the brain is with past experiences and making them what we know to be true to experience moving forward.

Its an amazing brain!!

And it can keep us in the same place we are and never move forward into what we desire because it doesnt know our desires!

The brain needs pictures and visions attached with feelings to those desires to know its safe to take action on those new unknown desires.

In my world I create constant unknown change for my brain so it feels safe in the unknown.

It actually gets excited to feel into what I have created for it in the unknown.

So when I walk outside to a new environment it easily adapts to it because I have already created what it will be like to be here based on my desires.

The desire or vision can be as simple as a clean, quiet, easily accessible, nice people, at our new campground. We never know what we are getting when booking blindly.

What visions and desires do you have?

What do you want to experience tomorrow with the plans you have on the calendar?

How do you want the visit to your in laws to be like?

What do you want the talk with your boss about resigning to go like?

This is some of what I’ll be covering in my November Freedom Creator Masterclass!!

Join me live on zoom with fellow freedom creators to get you closer to your freedom life!

Any questions PM me! Info in the comments.

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor and RV Adventurist