Where are you at with self-acceptance?

Loving and approving of self?

❤ Love and accept my badass self!
💙 Like myself but not confident with my body.
💚 Like my body but not confident in self.
💛 Not digging any of me. . .what is self-acceptance anyway??

Spending yesterday on the beach in the sunshine with my hubs, I was feeling refreshed and alive!

Some days this is not the case. . .

Guess what. . . .I’m human!

And so are you!

You get to feel off some days and still love yourself!

But overall I’ve chosen to be kind to myself and love this amazing vessel that keeps me alive.

It breathes for me.
It moves me.
It pumps blood for me.
It heals me.
And so much more!

Do a love and acceptance check today with yourself.

What are you saying to yourself about your body?
What are you comparing it to and judging yourself about?
How are you showing your body love and acceptance?

Want to know how I embrace myself and help others do the same? DM me!

Much love
Coach Jackie ❤
Your Freedom Mentor