Who are you talking to when posting on social media?
Same 100 people on FB that you have known forever?
New people you have connected with recently?
Or a mix of both?
Its amazing that you are doing the work to create content and share it with the world!! Im so celebrating you!
But if you’re not meeting new people and inviting them into your world to see that beautiful work you are doing you are wasting your time.
And time is the most precious and valuable thing we have.
There are only 3 things we need to do to build a business. . .
1. Meet people
2. Tell them what you do
3. Make offers to help them
If any of these are missing it doesnt work.
Meeting people is #1 for a reason. And I don’t means millions of people!
One new person a week is 52 new people a year who get the chance to hear your message and have a chance to change their lives through your magic.
If you are frustrated with doing the things online that you feel like you should be doing and not getting the results you’re just not talking to enough people and/or the right people.
Im about to do a 6 week powerful container that will change the way you see these above 3 things forever.
More people need to hear your message so stop holding back from people!
Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor