Who’s ready to catapult their growth into 2024??

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not rushing 2023 cause there is lots to enjoy still!

I’ve been having a similar conversation lately with many of my clients, peers, and mentors about an energy of exploding into next levels that we are all feeling now and know that the rest of this year and the momentum is taking us there!!

So I announced in my Empower the leader within masterclass yesterday a new 4 month package that I created to support this energy!!

Kick start your freedom life NOW!

4 months of VIP 1:1 coaching where I laser in on you to fast forward your progress in biz and life.

4 months with my Destiny Makers like minded mastermind women who are creating massive freedom lives together.

4 months access to my monthly memebership calls.

Access to me between all of these sessions

Locked in 2023 investment rates for renewal in 2024.

Special reteat pricing for upcoming events.

All of this and your transformation for 40% of my currents investment rates!!

I’m determined to help as many ambitious professional women as I can to feel safe to step out of the “shoulds” and into what they are meant to be doing and living the freedom lives they desire!!

Let’s do this my like-minded badass ladies!!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Empowerment Mentor

PM me if you’re ready to see if this is right for you!