5 years ago today I received this package in the mail from my coaching school I had been enrolled in for 2 months so far.

It just happened to be the day after I got fired and escorted out like a criminal from my job.

The first day I no longer had to commute 3 hours round trip.
The first day in a long time that I felt free from the struggle I had been in at that job.
The first day I got to decide what I did with my day vs someone else telling me.

This package was the universe saying. . . .

Everything works out for you!

This is your time!

Lets do this!

Today I value the freedom I have been able to create so far and will do whatever it takes to keep that freedom!

And help as many driven women like myself acheive and receive the same for themselves and their families!

Give a woman an idea, a belief, and possibility and watch out!

Who’s with me?
Who’s next?

I got you!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Freedom Empowerment Mentor