The more experience you get, the more of an expert you become, the faster you make things happen in your magic, the more value and impact equals higher investment.
So why do we relate fast to cheap?
And why do we think longer time means better value?
The less time something takes to do we think it should be cheaper in cost.
The longer it takes the more time, effort and care was put into it the more valuable it is.
What has been true in your experience?
I got my nails done the other day and it made me think about this.
The guy who did my nails was crazy fast! I wanted tips with an ombre dip which has taken a lot longer with previous experiences. And his work was awesome!
Should I pay him less cause he was faster and took less time?
Pay him more for his experience and quality of service and speed?
For those of us who have a business and have to make decisions around pricing and value of packages, think about this concept.
You get sharper
You get more wisdom
You get more powerful
You get faster
You get more impactful
You get to charge higher level investments for less time.
Lets change the dynamic of value proposition.
Big impact can happen in less time
More can be created in less time
Pay for quality vs quantity of time
Your value is infinite
This is part of creating the Freedom life you desire!
Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor and RV Adventurist