“Without gratitude, there is no prosperity”- Tazo tea

I just reconnected with someone special to me after 17 years of not seeing each other and our first conversation centered around the power of gratitude.

💯No coincidence that he got this tea back during our morning tea and conversation today after committing to bringing back a daily gratitude practice
💯No coincidence that he is back in my life the day after I made my 50th birthday wish to create more love and freedom for self and others.
💯No coincidence that we were able to live in this moment moving forward and not for a second dwell on anything from the past.
💯No coincidence that we have the same loving connection we did as kids before life happened around us.

There are no coincidences in life and we get what we ask for and focus on.

I focus daily on the question tattooed on my wrist. …”What would love do?”

❤️Love reaches out in a time of sadness no matter what the past was.
❤️Love accepts people for exactly who they are and comes from place of curiousitityand no judgement.
❤️Love believes anything is possible.
❤️ Love knows all of the above and applies this to self first.

This is Freedom!

I’m excited to see what is to come for our future moving forward!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor and RV Adventurist