Yes I’m looking at you!!

Do you feel stuck in a job?

A relationship?

In your health?

Meeting new people?

Yet wait and hope for it to change?

Stay in comfort because its safe?

Avoid rejection and not belonging?

Everything is what you make of it!

You get to CHOOSE!

So if you want to change it you have two choices. . .

1. Embrace where you are at, love it and go for what you want. Create it. Stop waiting for it to happen in your four walls and make it happen.
2. Change your environment completely! Move, change jobs, end relationships, meet new people, etc!

It’s safer to stay within your four walls and not experience possible rejection and not belonging.


All of it is only hard if you make it hard. It’s way easier than our mind makes it think it will be!

DECIDE and go!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor and RV Adventurist
☕️Loving my new Cheers to Destiny Makers mug Leigh Braverman Schoener from my membership gifted me this past weekend! She knows how important my Destiny Makers are to me!! 😍❤️😘