Just got back from another delicious experience with Bria Stifter, the personal chef we willl have at my April 2025 Outerbanks retreat!

Yes you will experience life shifting mentorship at this retreat….

But let’s just admit that the delicious food and the personal experience of everything being done for you the whole time is worth the price of admission alone!!

Let yourself be spoiled for 5 days!

No set up, grocery shopping, planning, cooking, or cleaning for 5 days!!

Coffee, tea, and fresh fruit spa water ready for you when you wake up so you can just BE!!

No decision fatigue on how to make healthy and taste delicious meals. She is the bomb at this!

My retreats are designed for. . .

You to experience peace amongst the chaos of everyday life.
You to feel more free to BE and enjoy what you love doing instead of doing what weighs you down.
You to feel your worth and a life filled with the freedom you desire and deserve.

This isn’t just a girls trip vacation getaway. . .

This is a life changing experience that you won’t truly know how your life will change until you know your life has changed in less than 5 days together.

Trust that gut feeling you are having right now to join us!

5 spots left. PM me for the deets of comment below “I’m in!”