You are beautiful!!

On our walk today this beautiful reflection of the mountain in the water stopped me in my tracks!

The water was still for the first time in days.
The sun hit it just right.
The reflection looked like we could climb right into it.

It was the beautiful perfection of nature that we so often take for granted and don’t take the time to admire.

We do the same to ourself. . .
We see our reflection everyday and take for granted what beauty is right there in the mirror
We either don’t see, ignore, or judge our reflection.

Would you look at this picture and judge the mountain and the way it looks? Its curves? Its colors? Its landscape?

God created both you and this landscape.

View them the same.

With admiration, gratitude, appreciation and love for its strength, beauty, uniqueness, and so much more.

Take a moment today and really look at your reflection in the mirror and let her know how perfectly beautiful she truly is!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor

PS we did 2.5 miles to start the day and that has been our longest walk so far. Up from our original 1 mile a week and a half ago when we started.