You got this. . .

You are in control.

Work hard, show up early, stay late, hustling to prove you belong at the table.

I finally got a seat at the table of 15 men and. . .and was the only female leader at the table.

Success, status and money right?

That’s what life is supposed to be about. . .

Make the money, get the position and you will have a happy and secure life!

Yet many of us sit there at “the table” feeling empty, disconnected, unfullfilled, and a total fraud.

Your relationship stay surface level connections that never go deeper. . .

Because you just don’t have time for that.

You crave companionship but if you made room for someone else you could lose control of the power you have created on your own. . .

So you stay alone.

You dare to dream about leaving this succesful career to go pursue something you feel purpose and passion for. . .

But you feel that is irresponsible and not safe so another year goes by just going through the motions.

You have read the books
Listen to the podcasts
Bought the DIY stuff but never did it

All the things that keep you at a distance from letting another person help or support you. . .

Why…. because you get to stay in control!

Here are some of the signs that doing life alone doesn’t work. . .

You let stress build up inside and never release it so it creates dis-ease in your body. . . health going downhill.

You’re using external devices like food, alcohol, excessive working out, over working at the job, too fill the internal desire for more…. yet it never works.

You sit in your car before going into work with tears rolling down your face so no one can see that you truly don’t want to go in yet another day.

I was this “happy” Jackie, fake it till you make it, “I’m fine” leader for 3 decades.

What I know to be true now is we aren’t meant to do this alone.

We get to release those protection mechanisms we created as a kid to feel safe.

They no longer serve us as the independent badass women leaders that we are!

As powerful leaders we get to be fully supported, receive help, and be vulnerable and feel safe.


We get to keep our seat at the table, our place on the big stage and our spot in the top 3% of income earners and feel fulfilled.

DM me to get the link to my 1:1 Vision call so you experience what it’s like to feel fully supported, safe and in a healthy state of control.

Much love
Jackie ❤️❤️❤️
Your Freedom Empowerment Mentor