You are on decision away from a totally different life. . .

I just got a fb memory that 9 years ago I was with a man that I thought was my forever person. He wrote me this note in the picture and boy was I giddy!

We had such a strong connection in all ways right off the bat! The I love yous and the I miss yous and all the things were 100% in action!!

I had waited so long for this moment and was so “in love”!!

3 months later it was done. . .

I got the its not you its me.
I cant be the man you want.
I cant do this.
I was devastated.

Felt like my world was over.

I even have messages from back then telling him that its ok if we just hang out when I knew damn well that wasn’t healthy.

6 months after this devastation a kind man saw me on POF and asked me out. . .again.

We had met 3 years previous and dated for a month or so and let it fade and moved on. Neither of us really knowing why but it didn’t work at the time.

He said “I’m on here still on here, you’re still on here. . .wanna try again?” Lol I was like sure why not!

That man is my love and now husband Michael J. Morris!!

If I hadn’t experienced that devastation I wouldn’t have recognized the second time around what an amazing man Mike is.

I’m blessed that God gave us a second chance! And that one decision has given me so much more.

What decision have you made that changed your life?

Much love
Coach Jackie

PS Me and that guy have reconnected recently and I got the closure I desired. He was battling an alcohol challenge at the time and overcame and is happily married and sober for 5 years. Happy ending for all!