You’re ready for the exciting, unpredictable, passion and purpose driven life instead of the predictable life full of the shoulds you have been in for years.

The success and money that you have kicked ass at creating hasn’t “done” it for you and you know there is more. . .different. . .inspiring. . . way to BE.

You have been doing the self development, business coaching, and all the things and still doubt this freedom life you desire is possible for you.

Its all possible!
Its time!

Time to. . .

Awaken her visions and desires and let her fully come out to play!

Empower her to BE who she has always been meant to BE!

OWN her fully and unapologetically in the world to shine her light and change her world around her!

Become the Freedom Creator that becomes the Destiny Maker of her life!

We begin January 2024! (Get the rest of 2023 for free for early bird enrollment)

The Freedom Creators Mastermind is open for enrollment!

Let yourself be supported fully by a team of 5 powerful mentors and me in finally moving on from the predictable life into a life you fully love and embody everyday.

Freedom mindset consists of way more than just business strategy. The foundation of holistic freedom has multiple parts.

Wellness from within where nature and self love is your medicine.

The Freedom method mindset to financial security within.

Confidence in communication to master magical relationships.

Business simplified so you get out of your head and take more intentional action.

Eliminating the fears created by technology that might be holding you back and you dont even know it.

And so much more!

After a year of cultivating the perfect team of badass women to support you in all the areas that I struggled and invested a lot in, I’m so ready to introduce you all to your support team for the Freedom Creators Mastermind!!

We all can’t hire 6 coaches to get all the support we need in all the areas.

Here for just 1111 a month (or pay in full for 6 and get a month free) you get them all!

Im all about letting it be easy!

Ready to be a Freedom Creator and the Destiny Maker in your life?

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Empowerment Mentor

Give me a hell yeah in the comments of you’re ready! Or PM me with any questions.