I have a dear friend who earned their 5 year sober chip today.

I celebrated this soul and asked if he would be celebrating.

He said no because he is just a drunk who stopped drinking and will stay humble because its a fragile thing and is grateful everyday.

I honor this and hold space for him in love.

For all that have gone through something similar I say this. . .

I see you as an imperfectly perfect human who decided to heal his trauma and let go to God and live. When we choose self and God from a place of love that is the ultimate reason to celebrate this day!

Sending you love and light to see that you are a gift not a drunk. Our coping mechanisms that we chose to handle our emotions DO NOT DEFINE US.

Me using bulimia, you using alcohol, someone else using over working, whatever it is we used it to survive at the time. And now we learned there is another way. Another way to BE.

I honor you and love you!

And please know that celebrating is not being boastful. Celebrating is letting God know you are grateful, and that there is possibility for others to do the same as you did.

And being humble is the lowering of ones self esteme, importance and diginity. If you are reading this still. . . NEVER DO THIS!!

You are the GIFT God made you to be! LOVE him/her and never forget that you matter and are worthy of it all!!

Much love
Coach Jackie