Your life can change in an instant. . .

One minute you are pledging your love to God in front of all your loved ones while you marry the man you love with all your heart. . . .

And the next minute you are running through the wreckage of a severe accident to get a hold of your dear grandson and daughter while praying to God they are ok. . .

Duality of the highs and lows can be scary as hell at the same time making you see what is really important in life.

The ones we love. . . ❤️❤️❤️

Nothing else matters. . .

Not your travel plans you have or don’t have
Not the amount of money you have or don’t have
Not the business failures or wins
Nothing else matters but the ones you love.

Yesterday I got to. . .

Marry the man I love and want to grow old with.
Dance with my 91 year old father and my new handsome husband.
Celebrate our love with family and friends.
Get the best hugs from everyone especially Grayson, the best grandson around.


Hold my Grayson for hours after the accident so he knew he was safe.
Help him through needles, neck brace, x ray machines, and not being with his mama.

Support my new family in ways I vowed to do that very afternoon.

Please take a moment and tell people you love them right now and dont wait because you never know.

Thank you everyone who helped make our day so special and for all the love you sent me via fb messenger, text, phone call, cards etc.

I love you all!!

Much love
Jackie and Michael J. Morris

PS Grayson is doing amazing and mama is in a ton of pain and taking it minute by minute while forever grateful they are both here to tell about it.

PSS. I’ll be back to share more pics when things settle. We are headed back to Virginia and then Kentucky to help Shyanne.