Have you ever just sat in the parking lot at your job after a 2 hour commute with tears streaming down your face, feeling the dread of going in for yet another day of something you no longer love?

So you go in every day thinking the harder you work the more money, success or accolades you will get and it never happens.

What happens then is no matter how good your performance is, your supervisor finds something wrong with it and it never seems to be good enough.

So you go and search and get offered new jobs to find that passion again you once had.

But the grass isn’t greener. . . because you still feel trapped no matter how many times you change positions, get promotions, or change jobs.

Girl I know because I have been there many times!

After 30 years of doing the same thing in leadership management in the restaurant business, I felt stuck in the safe doing what I knew so well, wondering if I would ever leave.

I didn’t want to leave what I already knew because it was the easy thing to do but deep down I wasn’t happy and I just wanted to feel alive again!!

Working harder to be enough, looking for new jobs and positions, and rolling that boulder uphill is exhausting and never worked.

Here is what you do instead. . . .

You awaken the vision that has been dormant inside of you for so long and dying to come out and play!!

When you awaken the vision inside of you, you get this amazing inspiration to take action from a place of possibility.

You stop asking for permission to do things like taking time off, serving the way you want to, and living life for you want to.

You have this inner confidence that helps you make decisions from your most powerful self that you used to know but have forgotten about.

You decide to take bold new actions and you will finally escape the prison of repetitively having to prove yourself to others your worth.

But to decide differently requires a different way of thinking and that starts with having a clear vision.

Having a clear vision helps you confidently take steps toward a future you are now aware of by seeing your vision clearly.

You feel a sense of relief and freedom that it’s no longer a secret and you are no longer trapped in your day to day predictable life.

When you do this well, what will happen is you will get to. . .

Travel or take time off anytime you want without having to ask for permission.

Start your day exactly how you want to instead of a 2 hour commute to work for someone else.

Have more romance with your partner through having more quality time together.

Get 8 hours of quality sleep because the stress that keeps you up all night is gone.

Take a bath and read a book by the fireplace without guilt or shame.

Actually taste your food and enjoy the flavors as you breathe between each bite.

Awakening that vision inside of you is the first step I take myself leading women through in my AEO mastermind container.

Your vision is what keeps you aligned no matter what gets thrown at you.

Your vision is what helps you stand in confidence and certainty of your mission and purpose.

Your vision is what makes you feel alive again!

If you are ready to feel alive again and experience the freedom of life you truly desire PM to apply for my Awaken Empower and Own YOU mastermind.

In the exclusive container we walk side by side with you to #befreetobeyou #lovewhoyouare and be the #freedomseeker and #DestinyMaker you are meant to be!!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor